"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It is becoming more and more apparent that girls are blinded by their potential that lies within them because they are too consumed with their appearance. looking a certain way and being attractive in the way you look and dress is becoming the sole focus of many girls lives.

We are daily bombarded with images and advertising that is telling us the way we already look isn't good enough so here is a way to look better, so you can catch the boy you want, so you get that dream job, so you can live a 'HAPPY' life.

We may trick ourselves into believing this is true for a little bit, but it isn't long until we start to feel exhausted! from trying to live up to this expectation, an expectation set by who!? by people who care for us and love us? who have our best interest at heart? who truly care about how we view ourselves? NOT AT ALL! it's an expectation set by companies who's sole focus is to make money and they know that if they make girls hate what they see. Then they claim that they can provide a way to make you love yourself so we buy those new clothes, beauty products, hair care, shoes, new tits and lips and bums. Then we spend hours trying to perfect that look of those models seen wearing it. Who actually have had a make-up artists work on them for at times up to 6 hours and then the final product is digitally altered so it's not really what they looked like after all that pampering anyway. 

We have been sold a lie! and unfortunately way too many girls are believing it. We can see it in the facts and statistics that girls as young as 4 are becoming fashionably aware and concerned with their body weight. We can see it in our primary schools when there has been a significant incline of girls developing eating disorders, and now girls as young as 9 have been found with STD's because they are having sex. And we can see it in our high schools when we hear more and more of self-harm, eating disorders, pregnancy and abuse because they just wanted to fit in, feel accepted by guys, look HOT! and get the guy, then you'll really feel worth something.

‘You just do all this sex stuff with boys-you don’t have to love them or anything.’ 

(and it looks like you don't have to love yourself either.)

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