"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

why we must fight our fear with all of our heart

Fear can look different to everyone, it can overcome us in ways we hadn't expected, some fear seems irrational, and some completely justified. Whatever it is, fear is a normal part of living and non of us are exempt from it. The difference is, some people just refuse to be ruled by it. They fight against the fear in their hearts, and their minds because they know that when fear gets out of control it can paralyse you, it stops you dead in your tracks, and you miss out on things that could of been.Neuroscientists at Yale University discovered that patients who expected to experience an electric shock had anxiety levels similar to those who responded to the real thing. The mind is an incredible and powerful thing, it can make us believe and physically experience something that hasn't even happened, the battle against fear starts in the mind.

 For some of us we fear not being accepted, not being loved, not looking good enough, fear of loosing our jobs or our security, fear of the unknown, fear of love and commitment, fear of making a change and chasing after your dream, and fear of standing up for what we believe in because others may not agree. Whatever it is, FIGHT with all of your HEART and don't stop fighting against fear, take control of those thoughts in your head and refuse to be ruled by them. Life is too short to look back on it and see all the things that could have been if you had just let go of fear, take courage dear heart and chase after the life you really want for yourself. In the end all that matters is what you did with this one life you have been given, so will it be a life of fear or a life of courage.