"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the romantic side of porn..

Choking with a penis, slapping, hair pulling, and verbal abuse. Women in porn suffer repeatedly from rectal prolapse (because of pounding anal sex), and get diseases such as clamidia of the eye, gonorrhea of the throat, and fecal throat infections (because of the ATM act in which the penis goes from the anus to the mouth without washing).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

what is sexy?

Real. Real is sexy. 

Porn is not real. Porn is not sexy.
 Love. Love is sexy. 
Porn cannot love. Porn is not sexy.
  Trust. Trust is sexy. 
Porn dissolves trust. Porn is not sexy.
  Care. Care is sexy. 
Porn doesn’t care about you. Porn is not sexy.
      Loyalty. Loyalty is sexy. 
Porn will not be loyal to you. Porn is not sexy.
     Relationships. Relationships are sexy. 
Porn cannot have relationships. Porn is not sexy.

        Anti-porn, re-defining sexy.

           (Retrieved from Fight the New Drug)

i only have eyes for you....well except for when i look at porn

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you would of noticed a significant increase of highly sexualised media seep into our lives like a toxic waste.

Well what else do you expect when we live in a world that has a mass scale porn addiction, and the addiction (a weed) is so deep rooted that the likelihood of uprooting it is no longer possible. So that leaves us with exposing it, talking about it, and educating people on it, in hope that by doing so it will stop being fed and hopefully one day shrivel up and die!

This porn pandemic is infecting our families, marriages, and relationships, but it is also chemically rewiring the brain!

Porn is a drug and it has been proven to have the same effects on your brain.

Now we have all been warned from an early age about how bad drugs are for you and they fry your brain, ruin your life, and they become addictive, and this is not just your mother or father's opinion. It has been scientifically proven.

It's time that pornography is talked about in the same way.

I cam e across this awesome new campaign called Fight the New Drug. They are all about exposing pornography for what it really is and proving the scientific results on how porn and drugs have similar effects. They are a fantastic site to check out and they offer so many resources and information on how to get the help you need and how to protect the ones you love.

Here is a few facts about Pornography addiction from their website.

Pornography Addiction:
1. When viewing pornography, large amounts of dopamine, and other natural brain chemicals are released in the brain upon seeing an image. This gives you a super high because it overloads the pleasure center of the brain with dopamine. 
2. The body can build up a tolerance to images so you need harder-core images, more variety, and more frequently to get the same rush.
3. Your brain becomes rewired to think it cannot survive without porn. Because you have overloaded the pleasure center so many times, it has become normal to the body and the body needs that level of dopamine to function. So you get the feeling of a craving for the pornography. This feeling becomes so strong and intense you cannot resist the impulse to satisfy the demand for the craving. So you fall victim to porn addiction.
4. If you ARE able to resist for a while, you suffer withdrawal symptoms very similar to that of having a drug addiction. It makes it very hard not to continue viewing pornography.

Monday, July 16, 2012



dispose of your ugly children here

What a sad, sad world we are living in. 
Below i have the link to Melinda Tankard Reist's blog where she has posted her opinion piece in the Sunday Herald Sun regarding the child beauty pageants. 

This is a shocking piece of news and it's no longer something that is just going on in America, they have brought it right here to our doorsteps. 

How are these little girls going to have the chance of a "normal" upbringing when from the age of 5 they are bombarded with pressure to look a certain way. To compete against other little girls and to seduce the judges.

What is Australia going to look like in 20 years time when these girls are adults and their childhood sparkle days are over.
"an over-emphasis on looks and attractiveness leads to negative body image, distorted eating, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem". 

The pressure on girls to obtain a certain image is a big deal! it has serious life-threatening repercussions and unless adults start to take some responsibility for the healthy, positive upbringing of a child we unfortunately are going to be plagued with a generation of depressed, sick, tired, unmotivated, suicidal women who will then have children and continue the destructive cycle.

We are the only ones responsible, so we are the only ones who can make the change.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gandhi the Great!

not so lady-like

Fifty Shades of Grey or as some men call it fifty shades of yay.

Whilst watching A Current Affair last night i had my first encounter of the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey' 
flashed on the screen were women in baths, on beds, and in reading groups all gawking about this book that is "all just a bit of fun". 

As the story progressed we began to see confessions from the women reading the book that;

"this book is doing a lot of the foreplay for aussie blokes, so they should be very greatful for that"

"it is every fantasy right in front of me"

"it's a little bit of a guilty pleasure"

i began to feel quite disturbed about the way this book had such a strong effect on women especially when social commentator Prue McSween mentioned that 
what's quite fascinating to women is that they can find a prince charming who is loaded but is also loaded in every other department as well. 

Is Fifty Shades of Grey the new-age porn? 
Taking your mind to a fantasy world that doesn't exist. Stirring up your sexual drive from something else other than your partner. Creating a vision of another man that is not your spouse. A source of intimate exploration that isn't developed in the natural way through foreplay.

It also disturbed me that they were praising the fact that the book is doing the foreplay for aussie blokes. So now we have given them an excuse to slack off even more when it comes to romancing a woman.

We are living in a porn-addicted culture and porn breeds men who expect and desire sex in a pornographic style, which is not how most if not all women actually want it.

"i would love for more men to read this book, so they would know what to do"

We can see the effect of this when A Current Affair shared the statistic that, 43% of women said they would rather read the book than have sex.

At the end of the story the women were asked which actors they would like to see play out their fantasy on the big screen, one woman named an actor and said  he is DELICIOUS and he is nothing like my husband.

If this story was role-reversed and a man was sitting there getting all hot and heavy over which sexy actress he would like to see play out the woman he has been fantasizing about in a book women would not feel too happy about it, and would probably be sitting there not feeling too good about themselves. I can't imagine the wife of that husband would be dying to jump into bed with him.

This goes to show how far we really haven't come. We are still looking for something else other than our spouse to keep the spark in our love life. Doesn't this expose the fact that there really is something wrong with our culture?? 

and maybe just maybe if your follow the roots all the way down, you will find the seed is pornography.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well i firstly have to apologise for recently being MIA, i am working on managing my time better this semester so i still have time every week to blog about what is going on in the way of eradicating the sexploitation of women and how you can also get involved to fight against this horrible, sick culture!
SO.....this week i did a little bit of undercover work. If you haven't already heard of the Lingerie Football League i'm sure it won't be long before you do, as the Sydney game was tonight at the All Phones Arena in Homebush. If you haven't seen what these players wear well it really isn't much at all. Their uniforms consist of a bra and knickers and a garter. ( not quite sure how this is a "football" uniform) It's a vile excuse for a sport and if founded by a weasel of a man Mitch Mortaza. They held open try-outs at the All Phones Arena on thursday night, so i went along to see how i would be treated. I think this article will speak for itself... 


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girlfriend belongs in the trash

The only place Girlfriend magazine should be seen is crushed up in the garbage bin. It has no place on the shelves if it continues to ignore the research that girls who are readers of the magazine HATE themselves! That they are developing eating disorder, low self-esteem, are dieting and want to change the way they look, because what they look like isn't what they see in the magazine. below is a link to Melinda Tankard Reist's website where she posts the results Girlfriend magazine received from a survey asking their readers how they felt about their appearance. Isn't it funny that they would of expected to receive those results? i mean how is it possible not to when all they talk about is " The #1 Body Mistake we're all making" "6 things you need to tell a boy...." Now i know that Girlfriend is not the worst magazine on the shelf and i would LOVE to see pretty much every magazine in the trash but what disturbs me the most about Girlfriend and Dolly is that they are aimed at young girls who are developing, discovering themselves, trying to find out what those weird body changes mean and what happens when you start dating boys... you'd hope that adults would give better advice than a step by step guide on how to perform oral sex. Should a 12 year old really be encouraged to perform sexual acts? Really responsible girlfriend. You're really doing a great job. 

what's stopping you.....

What is it that is stopping you from going against the flow. making a change and standing up against you know isn't right. 

be wise...protect your eyes

now don't get me wrong i love good movies, art, entertaining shows etc... and i get so inspired by all these things and i find myself walking away from a movie replaying all the scenes in my head or flicking through images in my mind i have seen through out the day. And as i doze off to sleep everything i have been exposed to that day swims through my thoughts and sometimes makes it way into my dreams. Now if those images, movies and tv shows are of crime, evil doings, hatred, abuse, highly sexualised acts of provocative ways to dress. Then thats what is going to be constantly playing through my head. And unfortunately the world we live in is inundated with more of these things than the beautiful, fruitful things that are sooo good for the soul!
We are seeing more and more studies that prove that girls who are exposed to magazines, tv shows, movies and music videos that emphasize the fact that you MUST look a certain way to be noticed, to get the boy, to succeed, to be happy, are developing eating disorders, have poor self-esteem, hate the way they look and want to change it, poor academic performances and self harm..just to name a few. These are the effects we are seeing in our young girls, and with the boys they too are struggling with self-esteem issues, but they are also battling against a world of false sexual pleasure, false manhood and a false idea of how a man should treat a woman. The images they are exposed to in pornography destroy their innocence, groom them as sexual predators and also allow them to develop sexually in their mind, hearts and souls in a way that is not pure! Now isn't it so important to keep check on what we allow our eyes to see. I used to care what people thought if i didn't want to watch a certain program or if i felt too uncomfortable to watch a sex scene in a movie. But i've stopped caring now. i know it is more important to protect my mind and my heart than it is to sit through a stupid tv show or a movie. because really is it that important? is it really the end of the world if you never see Watchmen! even though it's meant to be soooooo good! and even though it only had one really bad sex scene in it, i would of much preferred to never of seen the movie than expose myself to that. I don't know call me a prude or whatever you want, i don't really care. cause i would much prefer to put my head down at night without having random people flashing through my head or have a violent dream and a restless sleep because i just watched a show about rape and murders.

whether you realise it or not what you watch follows you long after the program has finished. so be wise...protect your eyes.

on another planet

my apologies... i have been on the planet of assessments lately, hence the lack of posts. Thank you to all that have shown support of my blog. It's really encouraging to hear that other people are passionate about change as well. If ever anyone has something they would like to share, i am more than happy to post on your behalf. just shoot me an email. i'll be posting again soon.x

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There is much to be done, but let's just start with what we can do now

Melinda Tankard Reist gives her opinion to The Age about the effect that our sexualised culture has on our children. And how it is resulting in health related issues. 

Please take a moment to vote on the Poll about:

Should there be more government regulation of sexual content in advertisements?

Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/politics/sex-sells-but-were-selling-out-our-children-20120408-1wj7e.html#ixzz1rb7eDm4J

Sunday, April 1, 2012

feeding the obsession

Dolly magazine has started up their model search again, and it is open to girls as young as 13.
I just want to share with you a story of a former Dolly model search entrant. This story is found on Melinda Tankard Reist's website, where you can find more stories of how we are being effected my the sexploitation of women and girls in today's society. (follow the link below to Melinda's website.)

I was 15 when my mum entered me into the Dolly Model Competition. She told me it was to help me with my self-esteem which, at the time, was shockingly low. She said I was so beautiful there was no way I wouldn’t win. A mother’s naivety.
At first I was horrified because I had no respect for fashion models. I told mum that if I won, no one would ever respect me. I wanted more than to be a pretty face. I wanted to be a writer.
But she said, “What better way to get you noticed than to have everyone see your beautiful face?”
And it occurred to me that I would like to win.
I was bullied badly at school, long before I entered the competition. I had freckles and a flat chest and I was terribly shy, I wasn’t tall but I was very thin. You see, I barely ate. And I did think I had a pretty face. I’m part Native American, so I have very white skin with Indian eyes. I felt like it made me stand out.
I began to fantasise about winning the competition and not telling anybody, so they would all discover it when they saw the magazines and be sorry that they bullied me.
Of course, I didn’t win. I didn’t even make semi -finals, or get featured on the collage of entrants in the magazine. And I was crushed because I didn’t know why. The girl that won was pretty, but I just couldn’t see how I was different, or what made her, or all the other girls ‘better’ than me.
And I think the thing that is so painful is that they aren’t really better. They are all beautiful for different reasons, and for whatever reason they didn’t like the look of me.
But none of the entrants ever got to find out what was ‘wrong with us’. That’s what hurt the most. Not knowing why. All we got was the silent rejection of never having been called and knowing that for some reason we could never be told, we weren’t model pretty.

And because that was the whole point of the magazine’s message, that ‘successful’ was ‘pretty’ and ‘model’ was ‘most desired’, I started thinking that I would never really be successful because I wasn’t good enough, and that no matter how hard I worked, no one would ever pick me because I wasn’t pretty enough. The cold and silent rejection stung, and reinforced the message that I was not good enough, and that my bullies were right to pick on me.
It made me feel so worthless.
So 11 years later, after two sexually abusive ex-boyfriends, an eating disorder, an anxiety disorder that I’m still trying to control, and three suicide attempts, I have finally learned the value of myself and my life, and have clawed back some semblance of self-respect.
And I don’t blame the Dolly Model Competition for all of these things, but I do recognise it as a catalyst, and I know I was never as happy or as sure of myself after that. It was just too big of a let-down, because it wasn’t a rejection from a high school bully, it was a rejection from ‘the experts’, from people with professional opinion, and it was a closing of doors in my face from a glamorous and revered industry.
Teenage girls just are not equipped to deal with the conflicting messages, and they are not equipped to deal with damaging competition and rejection.
If I knew what I know now, I would never have accepted the competition in the first place. If people had been less fixated on my looks and more on my talents and interests, I might not have accepted a boyfriend that hurt me, I might not have tried to starve myself, I might not have tried to die.
Girls are worth more than how they look, and I cannot accept that, with teens feeling the way they do, magazines like Dolly are willing to exploit them.
The Dolly Model Competition is bad news. They have enough girls clamouring for stardom in the industry, without bringing the rest of us into it.
*Real name withheld at author’s request.

Magazines are feeding the obsession girls have to constantly look a certain way and what the world deems beautiful and desired. After reading magazine how do you feel? Do you feel satisfied with the clothes you own or they way your body looks, or your hair, skin and face? or do you close the magazine thinking. "right i need that dress and those shoes and that lipstick and i need my hair to look that way and my skin needs to be this shade...and why oh why can i not look like her! why aren't my legs like that? why don't my lips,teeth,nose,bum,boobs and thighs look like hers."
Just try spending this week not picking up a fashion magazine or looking a fashion blog and see what other thoughts your day can be filled on besides your appearance. Dolly magazine is targeted at a very impressionable age group and needs to take more responsibility on the content that publish and the fact that girls who don't win a competition can then plummet into a spiral of self hatred because the 'fashion industry' doesn't like their "look".

Project Unbreakable

help for victims of sexual assault

Here is some support lines the government has provided for Sexual Assault victims.

There is help out there for you and you ARE NOT alone! 

Don't let the bastards get you down!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

eff you dad! pornography harms children and you are to blame


When I first saw this image it gave me a sick feeling deep inside and a very heavy heart. This photo disturbs me so much and I sat there staring at it wondering in what context this photo was taken and by who?

My partner bought me Melinda Tankard Reist's book 'Big Porn Inc: exposing the harms of the Global Pornography Industry' and having never seen pornography myself I found the first page very difficult to get through. I had no idea what we are truly up against when it comes to being the minority that is against pornography. I say minority because if the majority of the world said no to pornography then there would be no demand for it which means the porn industry would eventually die out because people wouldn't be feeding the industry and without food we die.

After about 3 months I finally opened up Big Porn Inc again and in part 3 it focuses on children and how pornography is harmful to children, not only because it sets up a false idea of sex and how a male should act and how a woman should be treated but because these 'sex acts' are being acted out on children by their fathers. I believe that fathers are spreading the plague of pornography and infected their sons and daughters with abuse and the disease just keeps on spreading. I found out that the private christian school I spent 13 years of my childhood at, had boys in year 7 and 8 that is 13-14years old showing other peers pornography that had been given to them from their fathers. Good on ya dad!! what a great example you are setting for your son. Definitely a candidate for father of the year right there! how sickening is that!! and what pigs! I mean seriously!! This man has a wife! And for some reason they decided that it was the moral thing to do to send their children to a Christian school yet they are contradicting their actions by hand feeding their sons with a messed up version of adult content. I'm about to share with you some real testimonies found on pages 184 and 185 of Big Porn Inc, these stories brought me to tears and the scary thing is that there are occurring more frequently. please read these with a protected heart.

Silbert and Pines report that a father in their study used to show "his friends pornographic movies to get them sexually aroused before they would rape" his 9 year old daughter (1993,pp. 117-118)

Child pornography also provides new ideas for sexually abusing children
Most child pornography portrays the victims as enjoying the sexual abuse. Such depictions undermine any guilt the viewers may feel, as well as facilitate imitation by males who need or prefer to believe that the sex acts depicted are not abusive. Some men even find it more arousing if the child is terrified or crying. A young girl testifies:
My father had an easel that he put by the bed. He'd pin a picture on the easel and like a teacher he would tell me this is what you're going to learn today. He would then act out the pictures on me (AGCP, 1986,p. 782)

This story got me the most; a father asks his online web cam buddies what sex acts they would like him to enact on his child. He then acts out the sexual abuse that they request, after which his buddies pay him for his live show.

There are more stories, but I will stop there. How are a children ever going to feel safe when they are subject to abuse in their own homes! Showing a child pornography is abuse! so if you're thinking I would never sexually abuse my child! But showing them pornography is just as bad. You are forcing content onto a child when they are not mentally mature enough to understand or accept. I don't think 18 year olds are even 40 year olds for that fact are more immune to the harmful effects of pornography.

The greatest injustice is to remain silent about this! if you know anyone who is a victim of child abuse or if you have been a victim of child abuse then you must report it and there are support services out there for you.

i'm in the process of sourcing some support groups and help lines, so please watch this space for these details later this afternoon.

If some of this information doesn't sit right with you or you would like more details please send me an email. tal_stone@hotmail.com

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I love this little saying and it's funny because i hadn't really thought about it until i read this and then i was like " oh yeah! that is so true! "
I think it is a really important thing to judge your relationship by. I the person you are with isn't making bringing out the most "you" that you can possibly be, then there may be a real issue there. You can only pretend to be someone you're not for so long until you are so exhausted and so over it that you just snap.
I believe there is a soulmate out there for everyone.

true strength

Thursday, March 22, 2012

YES! you ARE worth the WAIT!!

GENTLEmen protect the women they love.

If this is so then why are men not protecting the women they love? Why are young boys growing up with the concept that violence towards women is acceptable? Is it because they have only ever seen this acted out by their fathers towards their wives? It's a scary thought that the boys that are turning into men have such a warped idea of love and protection for what will one day be their wives, their soul mates, the mother of their child.
As a young girl and then going on to be a teenager the only experience i had from boys was unwanted, at times forceful and i certainly never ever felt protected from the men that claimed to 'LOVE' me. This set up a really distorted idea of how i viewed myself and i started to think that if this is how men treat me who "love" me then that is just how it's meant to be. But it's not!! oh gosh it is not how it is meant to be!!!! and i can say now that i have finally found a beautiful, gentle man that has shown me how a woman should really be treated. And that is with respect, kindness, gentleness, protection and never ever making me feel pressured to do anything! The moment a man makes you feel like you HAVE to do something...RUN! get out of there quick smart! this is not how all men are! and trust me the good ones really are out there!

These statistics i'm about to share with you really shocked me and it made me really worried that girls don't realise they can say no! it took me almost 10 years to realise this and a lot of really horrible experiences i wish i didn't have to go through so if you can please learn from this and just trust that gut feeling you have inside and know you are worth so much more than a guy's few minutes of satisfaction!

White Ribbon Foundation 2008, cited research showing that one in seven girls and young women aged between twelve and twenty have experienced rape or sexual assault. Among girls who have ever had sex, 30.2 per cent of Year 10 girls and 26.6 percent of Year 12 girls have experienced unwanted sex. Fourteen per cent of young women said that a boyfriend had tried to force them to have sex, and six per cent said a boyfriend had physically forced them to have sex.

further reports from another source go on to say. 32 percent of young men aged 14 to 26 believe that it is acceptable to force a woman to have sex under certain circumstances.

The increasing incidence of boys perpetrating sexual crimes against women and girls in Australia might be an indication of a trend toward a more callous attitude in men's sexual treatment of women created through the normalisation of the sex industry.

In a Canberra school in 2008, teachers told Melinda Tankard Reist of boys groping the girls in the classroom, even during class and with the teachers present. Girls were aware that male students were spending lunchtimes downloading porn on their mobile phones, which added to their sense of threat.
In almost every group of girls with whom Melinda talks to, she is told stories of verbal abuse, harassment and even sexual assault including rape.  And the girls response to not speaking out about it is: why make a fuss?; it hasn't just happened to them but to lots of girls; what if they were blamed or not believed; it's something they just have to put up with.

(These words were taken from Melinda Tankard Reist's book Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls. You can read more on pages 24-26 find more of her resources on the link below)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

women are just objects right?

Tell a woman she is an object long enough and she will believe it.
Portray them as weak, pathetic and that you should bound, and gag them, and then men will believe it and act on it.


It is becoming more and more apparent that girls are blinded by their potential that lies within them because they are too consumed with their appearance. looking a certain way and being attractive in the way you look and dress is becoming the sole focus of many girls lives.

We are daily bombarded with images and advertising that is telling us the way we already look isn't good enough so here is a way to look better, so you can catch the boy you want, so you get that dream job, so you can live a 'HAPPY' life.

We may trick ourselves into believing this is true for a little bit, but it isn't long until we start to feel exhausted! from trying to live up to this expectation, an expectation set by who!? by people who care for us and love us? who have our best interest at heart? who truly care about how we view ourselves? NOT AT ALL! it's an expectation set by companies who's sole focus is to make money and they know that if they make girls hate what they see. Then they claim that they can provide a way to make you love yourself so we buy those new clothes, beauty products, hair care, shoes, new tits and lips and bums. Then we spend hours trying to perfect that look of those models seen wearing it. Who actually have had a make-up artists work on them for at times up to 6 hours and then the final product is digitally altered so it's not really what they looked like after all that pampering anyway. 

We have been sold a lie! and unfortunately way too many girls are believing it. We can see it in the facts and statistics that girls as young as 4 are becoming fashionably aware and concerned with their body weight. We can see it in our primary schools when there has been a significant incline of girls developing eating disorders, and now girls as young as 9 have been found with STD's because they are having sex. And we can see it in our high schools when we hear more and more of self-harm, eating disorders, pregnancy and abuse because they just wanted to fit in, feel accepted by guys, look HOT! and get the guy, then you'll really feel worth something.

‘You just do all this sex stuff with boys-you don’t have to love them or anything.’ 

(and it looks like you don't have to love yourself either.)

real beauty lies within

Sunday, March 18, 2012

birds of a flock fly together

As much as this blog is a collaboration of my own thoughts and feelings, i would love any feedback you may have, any comments for and against are more than welcome. (i only ask that you do so in a respectful matter) :)

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like me to look into please let me know.
Thank you for the support, and recognising the rising issue of the sexploitation of women and children in our society, and the need for change. Yours in action LRF (Little Red Fox) xx