"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey Narvesen. Selling porn mags, and displaying them in children's eye-level is not ok!!

If you live in Bryne, you may have noticed that walking past Narvesen in M44 there was a whole shelf of Porn magazines, easily viewable right at children's eye-level.
I contacted M44 and they spoke to the store owner on 2 different occasions to deal with the magazines. He tried to make the magazines a little more hidden, but was apparently helpless to do much more as he was following orders from Narvesen main office about where to display the magazines. So Narvesen actually commands the staff to display porn magazines right at the front of the shelf, in the front of the store at children's eye-level!! THATS NOT OK!!!

It's not cool to have porn magazines anyway, let alone in a position that forces children to be exposed to it.

We are facing a global health crisis when it comes to pornography, and children are seeing porn and becoming addicted to porn at a younger and younger age. We as a society have the social responsibility to protect our children from harm. PORN HARMS! Allowing children to be exposed to porn is so unacceptable. When we remain silent about things that matter, we are actively playing a role in saying that porn is ok. Silence is an action as well. So instead of being silent, speak out and make a complaint, one voice can make a difference!

Narvesen is on Facebook all you have to do is include them in a comment about their magazines by tagging them in like this @Narvesen

It doesn't take much, but the change that can come from this is powerful!

You can just copy/paste what i have said or change it up a bit as well, or of course write your complaint in Norwegian! You can message Narvesen directly through Facebook.

"Hi, i was just wondering why you think it is ok to display your porn magazines in clear view at children's eye-level? This is a deliberate act to expose children to pornography, and you are playing an active part in the harm of children in Norway, I don't have to even go into your store to see the porn magazines, all i have to do is walk past it. I'm so sick of it and i know a lot of other men and women here in Norway that are choosing to not support Narvesen in anyway until you take some social responsibility and remove the porn magazines."

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hey Norway! Porn magazines at children's eye-level are not ok!

So Narvesen thinks it is ok to display graphic full-frontal nudity and explicit porno magazines right in front of the store at the eye-level of children!? NOT COOL!!!

Actions like this fuel the idea that porn-culture is ok! And that it is no big deal if children see porn. Well guess what it is a big deal!

Global research is showing us that boys start seeing porn at the average age of 11, that's not even the youngest, its just the average! 88% of that porn is rape porn, torture porn, bestiality and S&M just to name a few. This is resulting in child on child sexual abuse, porn is turning children into copy cape sexual predators, acting out on others what they are seeing in porn. Adolescent boys are responsible for a 5th of all rapes of women and 1/3 of all rapes of girls. And we can no longer be bystanders in this! We need to act and speak out!!

I wrote an email to the M44 Bryne Narvesen store about the displaying of their porn magazines.
Here is an example of what i wrote feel free to copy paste, or send your own.
We as consumers have the power in our hands to influence what stores produce. So make a change in this city and say no to porn magazines!

Here is Narvesen's email address:


My email:

I would like to make an official complaint about the pornographic magazines you have on display in your store. I am a 28 year old woman and i find it completely offensive that i have to walk past your store and see full frontal nudity and explicit porn magazines right there in the front of the store and to make matters worse they are uncovered and in eyesight level for children to see. 
This is absolutely unacceptable that you have them displayed in clear view like that. 
I would like to be directed to the person who is responsible for deciding on the location in which the magazines are placed in your store. 
I will not be shopping at your store again until these magazines have been removed and i have and will continue to talk about this to people i know and warn them against shopping in your store as well. 
I'm surprised that you ever believed this was ok. 
Talitha Stone 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The RebelLion

I am working on an exciting project and am in the process of getting some t-shirts made and starting a movement here in Norway called The RebelLion. I am so inspired by Fight The New Drug (http://fightthenewdrug.org) and the way they brand themselves and the trendy movement they are, and how they use that as a fight against pornography. From what i have heard from Norwegians is that there is no one talking about these topics, well I am talking about these topics and my fiancĂ© is talking about these topics and we both want to start spreading this rebellion against the porn culture and everything that is contributing towards it. So please share this tell your friends, your colleagues, your church pastors and spread word about the rebellion that is happening in Norway.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Rebellion

This blog is a rebellion against the porn culture!

We refuse to accept a culture that

sexualises children,

objectifies women

and glamorises sexual violence.

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