"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the romantic side of porn..

Choking with a penis, slapping, hair pulling, and verbal abuse. Women in porn suffer repeatedly from rectal prolapse (because of pounding anal sex), and get diseases such as clamidia of the eye, gonorrhea of the throat, and fecal throat infections (because of the ATM act in which the penis goes from the anus to the mouth without washing).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

what is sexy?

Real. Real is sexy. 

Porn is not real. Porn is not sexy.
 Love. Love is sexy. 
Porn cannot love. Porn is not sexy.
  Trust. Trust is sexy. 
Porn dissolves trust. Porn is not sexy.
  Care. Care is sexy. 
Porn doesn’t care about you. Porn is not sexy.
      Loyalty. Loyalty is sexy. 
Porn will not be loyal to you. Porn is not sexy.
     Relationships. Relationships are sexy. 
Porn cannot have relationships. Porn is not sexy.

        Anti-porn, re-defining sexy.

           (Retrieved from Fight the New Drug)

i only have eyes for you....well except for when i look at porn

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you would of noticed a significant increase of highly sexualised media seep into our lives like a toxic waste.

Well what else do you expect when we live in a world that has a mass scale porn addiction, and the addiction (a weed) is so deep rooted that the likelihood of uprooting it is no longer possible. So that leaves us with exposing it, talking about it, and educating people on it, in hope that by doing so it will stop being fed and hopefully one day shrivel up and die!

This porn pandemic is infecting our families, marriages, and relationships, but it is also chemically rewiring the brain!

Porn is a drug and it has been proven to have the same effects on your brain.

Now we have all been warned from an early age about how bad drugs are for you and they fry your brain, ruin your life, and they become addictive, and this is not just your mother or father's opinion. It has been scientifically proven.

It's time that pornography is talked about in the same way.

I cam e across this awesome new campaign called Fight the New Drug. They are all about exposing pornography for what it really is and proving the scientific results on how porn and drugs have similar effects. They are a fantastic site to check out and they offer so many resources and information on how to get the help you need and how to protect the ones you love.

Here is a few facts about Pornography addiction from their website.

Pornography Addiction:
1. When viewing pornography, large amounts of dopamine, and other natural brain chemicals are released in the brain upon seeing an image. This gives you a super high because it overloads the pleasure center of the brain with dopamine. 
2. The body can build up a tolerance to images so you need harder-core images, more variety, and more frequently to get the same rush.
3. Your brain becomes rewired to think it cannot survive without porn. Because you have overloaded the pleasure center so many times, it has become normal to the body and the body needs that level of dopamine to function. So you get the feeling of a craving for the pornography. This feeling becomes so strong and intense you cannot resist the impulse to satisfy the demand for the craving. So you fall victim to porn addiction.
4. If you ARE able to resist for a while, you suffer withdrawal symptoms very similar to that of having a drug addiction. It makes it very hard not to continue viewing pornography.

Monday, July 16, 2012



dispose of your ugly children here

What a sad, sad world we are living in. 
Below i have the link to Melinda Tankard Reist's blog where she has posted her opinion piece in the Sunday Herald Sun regarding the child beauty pageants. 

This is a shocking piece of news and it's no longer something that is just going on in America, they have brought it right here to our doorsteps. 

How are these little girls going to have the chance of a "normal" upbringing when from the age of 5 they are bombarded with pressure to look a certain way. To compete against other little girls and to seduce the judges.

What is Australia going to look like in 20 years time when these girls are adults and their childhood sparkle days are over.
"an over-emphasis on looks and attractiveness leads to negative body image, distorted eating, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem". 

The pressure on girls to obtain a certain image is a big deal! it has serious life-threatening repercussions and unless adults start to take some responsibility for the healthy, positive upbringing of a child we unfortunately are going to be plagued with a generation of depressed, sick, tired, unmotivated, suicidal women who will then have children and continue the destructive cycle.

We are the only ones responsible, so we are the only ones who can make the change.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gandhi the Great!

not so lady-like

Fifty Shades of Grey or as some men call it fifty shades of yay.

Whilst watching A Current Affair last night i had my first encounter of the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey' 
flashed on the screen were women in baths, on beds, and in reading groups all gawking about this book that is "all just a bit of fun". 

As the story progressed we began to see confessions from the women reading the book that;

"this book is doing a lot of the foreplay for aussie blokes, so they should be very greatful for that"

"it is every fantasy right in front of me"

"it's a little bit of a guilty pleasure"

i began to feel quite disturbed about the way this book had such a strong effect on women especially when social commentator Prue McSween mentioned that 
what's quite fascinating to women is that they can find a prince charming who is loaded but is also loaded in every other department as well. 

Is Fifty Shades of Grey the new-age porn? 
Taking your mind to a fantasy world that doesn't exist. Stirring up your sexual drive from something else other than your partner. Creating a vision of another man that is not your spouse. A source of intimate exploration that isn't developed in the natural way through foreplay.

It also disturbed me that they were praising the fact that the book is doing the foreplay for aussie blokes. So now we have given them an excuse to slack off even more when it comes to romancing a woman.

We are living in a porn-addicted culture and porn breeds men who expect and desire sex in a pornographic style, which is not how most if not all women actually want it.

"i would love for more men to read this book, so they would know what to do"

We can see the effect of this when A Current Affair shared the statistic that, 43% of women said they would rather read the book than have sex.

At the end of the story the women were asked which actors they would like to see play out their fantasy on the big screen, one woman named an actor and said  he is DELICIOUS and he is nothing like my husband.

If this story was role-reversed and a man was sitting there getting all hot and heavy over which sexy actress he would like to see play out the woman he has been fantasizing about in a book women would not feel too happy about it, and would probably be sitting there not feeling too good about themselves. I can't imagine the wife of that husband would be dying to jump into bed with him.

This goes to show how far we really haven't come. We are still looking for something else other than our spouse to keep the spark in our love life. Doesn't this expose the fact that there really is something wrong with our culture?? 

and maybe just maybe if your follow the roots all the way down, you will find the seed is pornography.