"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Friday, June 28, 2013

LEGENDS FOOTBALL LEAGUE: Just because he has removed the garter, the choker and the frills doesn’t mean he’s removed the sexism

Sexism dressed up as sport like a wolf dressed up in sheepskin

But Mitch Mortaza isn’t interested in dressing full stop, he’s more interested in getting rid of the clothes.

“However despite the branding shift, it is understood that women trying out for the team must supply a full-length bikini shot to be sent back to the US LFL with an application disclosing any tattoos and social networking profiles”

Just because he has removed the garter, the choker and the frills, doesn’t mean he’s removed the dirty stigma connected to where this idea came from.

“It was originally a half-time gimmick. Mitch teamed up with Hugh Heffner and had the playmates dress up and pretend to play football”
 (Regan Webb, Queensland Brigade coach)

Legends Football League is all about exploiting the female body for a profit.

Women are so desperate to raise their public profile they are willing to lower their standards to those that resemble the sex industry.
Is this really the example we want to set for young Australian women? That in order to gain attention you must first lower your standards and your dignity?

I’ve heard many women argue It’s liberation! It’s empowerment!
Having dirty, filthy men drool over you, spit sexists jokes at you and hang on to the edge of their seat in hope to see some tits and arse…if that’s liberation and empowerment then we have a much greater battle on our hands, and I’m very afraid of the society we are creating for the generations to come.

Do women really not respect themselves enough to fight for a place in the sporting world that allows them to keep their clothes on!?

“ We all like Lingerie Football…but it’s still called LFL and I think it will always have that image of chicks playing football while not wearing very much”.
 (Johanna Theobald, who plays tight end)

the real measure of beauty

what kind of woman do you want to be?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

generation xxx **strong trigger warning**

"Sibling sex abuse is now recognised as the most common form of intra-familial sexual abuse"

(image retrieved from: gallianoswhore.tumblr.com)

Are we really surprised though?! When boys are being exposed to rape porn, incest porn, bestiality, torture porn at the ages of 11 and sometimes much younger. Boys are growing up on a diet of porn and it is breeding them into a brutal, callous version of masculinity. It is messing their brains up so much they are acting out on their own siblings!!

I have attached the link to this article in the SMH where Benjamin Law talks to the victims and the perpetrators of sibling sexual abuse. If the next generation is growing up with the empathy smashed out of them, then what hope do any of them have of forming a healthy idea of sex. When a child isn't even safe to be around it's own siblings there is something seriously wrong! If you have to be wary about your children bathing together in fear that this will create an environment for abuse to occur then how will a child ever feel safe and protected.

Reading this article creates great fear in me of why this is happening? 
What happened to that family bond that consisted of love, protection, innocence, fun, kindness, the kind of attitude that was "i will do anything for my family" How have we grown to be a society that smashes all of those 'family' qualities and instead replaces them with sexual and physical abuse? This is deeply disturbing and the long-term damage will unfortunately pass on from generation to generation.

"In Australia, the New Street Adolescent Service - a NSW program addressing under-18s who have sexually abused people - consistently finds that roughly 50 per cent of their clients' victims are siblings." 

If you know or are a victim of sibling abuse, it is not your fault and no, it is not ok! 
Please find someone who is safe to disclose with and find some help and protection.

Here are a few contacts if you do need help:



Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a message for the girls...be brave!

The last week i have had the honour of joining Melinda Tankard Reist at Sutherland Shire Christian School and Hunter Valley Grammar School, to speak to young people about the issue of the representation of women and girls in the media and popular culture (See more here: http://melindatankardreist.com/)

I was able to share a little bit about the Tyler the Creator campaign i have recently been involved in. 

I was so encouraged by the response of the young girls at Sutherland Shire Christian School. Some girls shared with me how they found hope, inspiration and power to change the things in this world.

And that is why i stood up to Tyler the Creator and why i will continue to stand up and speak out against a culture that makes men believe it is sexy, fun and enjoyable to engage in violence against women. If i can encourage just one girl to say no, and fight against what boys are trying to force upon her then it is all worth it. She is worth it.

A study shows that people who listen to this type of music i.e 'Tyler the Creator' they are more likely to engage in premature sexual activity.

If those 'people' are the boys in your life, (and from the sessions at the 2 school there were a large majority of boys who listened to Tyler the Creator) it is likely to be you that they will attempt to act out their fantasies on.

The decisions you make now around premature sexual activity hold great consequences. I know it is so hard to see or understand the true weight of what those consequences hold in your future.

But i am here after experiencing the effect that media and pornography have had on the men and boys in my life to tell you...





Choosing this path will not always be easy though, you may not always be the most liked, or the most popular. And you will doubt your decision. But PLEASE keep being brave! And please know, what you are doing is right, it is worth it! when you get through those years at school and you never have to see those boys again you will wish you didn't give them a piece of you that is so precious. Because a boy that doesn't respect you enough to not grab your arse, to not ask for a picture of your tits, to not abuse you when you're drunk, to not say sexists, degrading jokes towards you, does not deserve to have any part of you! girls respect yourself enough to not give in to these lies that tell you, you need this attention from a boy to feel loved and accepted, it will only leave you hurt, broken and used.

You are allowed to get angry about this. We need more young girls who will get angry about this and not put up with what has become so grossly accepted as 'normal' within our society.