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Thursday, July 12, 2012

not so lady-like

Fifty Shades of Grey or as some men call it fifty shades of yay.

Whilst watching A Current Affair last night i had my first encounter of the book 'Fifty Shades of Grey' 
flashed on the screen were women in baths, on beds, and in reading groups all gawking about this book that is "all just a bit of fun". 

As the story progressed we began to see confessions from the women reading the book that;

"this book is doing a lot of the foreplay for aussie blokes, so they should be very greatful for that"

"it is every fantasy right in front of me"

"it's a little bit of a guilty pleasure"

i began to feel quite disturbed about the way this book had such a strong effect on women especially when social commentator Prue McSween mentioned that 
what's quite fascinating to women is that they can find a prince charming who is loaded but is also loaded in every other department as well. 

Is Fifty Shades of Grey the new-age porn? 
Taking your mind to a fantasy world that doesn't exist. Stirring up your sexual drive from something else other than your partner. Creating a vision of another man that is not your spouse. A source of intimate exploration that isn't developed in the natural way through foreplay.

It also disturbed me that they were praising the fact that the book is doing the foreplay for aussie blokes. So now we have given them an excuse to slack off even more when it comes to romancing a woman.

We are living in a porn-addicted culture and porn breeds men who expect and desire sex in a pornographic style, which is not how most if not all women actually want it.

"i would love for more men to read this book, so they would know what to do"

We can see the effect of this when A Current Affair shared the statistic that, 43% of women said they would rather read the book than have sex.

At the end of the story the women were asked which actors they would like to see play out their fantasy on the big screen, one woman named an actor and said  he is DELICIOUS and he is nothing like my husband.

If this story was role-reversed and a man was sitting there getting all hot and heavy over which sexy actress he would like to see play out the woman he has been fantasizing about in a book women would not feel too happy about it, and would probably be sitting there not feeling too good about themselves. I can't imagine the wife of that husband would be dying to jump into bed with him.

This goes to show how far we really haven't come. We are still looking for something else other than our spouse to keep the spark in our love life. Doesn't this expose the fact that there really is something wrong with our culture?? 

and maybe just maybe if your follow the roots all the way down, you will find the seed is pornography.

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