"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

be wise...protect your eyes

now don't get me wrong i love good movies, art, entertaining shows etc... and i get so inspired by all these things and i find myself walking away from a movie replaying all the scenes in my head or flicking through images in my mind i have seen through out the day. And as i doze off to sleep everything i have been exposed to that day swims through my thoughts and sometimes makes it way into my dreams. Now if those images, movies and tv shows are of crime, evil doings, hatred, abuse, highly sexualised acts of provocative ways to dress. Then thats what is going to be constantly playing through my head. And unfortunately the world we live in is inundated with more of these things than the beautiful, fruitful things that are sooo good for the soul!
We are seeing more and more studies that prove that girls who are exposed to magazines, tv shows, movies and music videos that emphasize the fact that you MUST look a certain way to be noticed, to get the boy, to succeed, to be happy, are developing eating disorders, have poor self-esteem, hate the way they look and want to change it, poor academic performances and self harm..just to name a few. These are the effects we are seeing in our young girls, and with the boys they too are struggling with self-esteem issues, but they are also battling against a world of false sexual pleasure, false manhood and a false idea of how a man should treat a woman. The images they are exposed to in pornography destroy their innocence, groom them as sexual predators and also allow them to develop sexually in their mind, hearts and souls in a way that is not pure! Now isn't it so important to keep check on what we allow our eyes to see. I used to care what people thought if i didn't want to watch a certain program or if i felt too uncomfortable to watch a sex scene in a movie. But i've stopped caring now. i know it is more important to protect my mind and my heart than it is to sit through a stupid tv show or a movie. because really is it that important? is it really the end of the world if you never see Watchmen! even though it's meant to be soooooo good! and even though it only had one really bad sex scene in it, i would of much preferred to never of seen the movie than expose myself to that. I don't know call me a prude or whatever you want, i don't really care. cause i would much prefer to put my head down at night without having random people flashing through my head or have a violent dream and a restless sleep because i just watched a show about rape and murders.

whether you realise it or not what you watch follows you long after the program has finished. so be wise...protect your eyes.

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