"our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, August 18, 2014


 “This photo shoot is my tribute to all the brave women across the globe who have gone through this gruesome torture."

We live in a society where women are bombard with a one-dimensional version of beauty. Young girls are conditioned from a young age that to be 'hot', 'sexy' and 'attractive' to men is all they are designed for. When we put this pressure on young women we are knocking out of them their ability to focus on things that are more important than their outward appearance. When we see articles like this i wonder what women in Australia think. Would they honestly be able to cope with this being a reality for them? Would they stand in front of a camera and have a photo shoot? The way i see women obsessing over themselves i wonder if they would honestly not want to kill themselves if their outward appearance was damaged. Our society is creating a beauty sickness and what disturbs me the most is that women who have absolutely no defect are depressed and ill because they feel like they're not "pretty" enough. pretty enough for who? for what reason?? Is there not so much more to life than tying to achieve an attractive outward appearance?? This article is truly inspiring and i cannot even fathom what this would be like to experience, the excruciating pain of it and the absolutely inhumane experience of it all. Yet these brave women are rising above it all and being a voice of hope to all the other women in the world who are at the hand of horrific torture. 

below is the link to the article and an opportunity to help stop acid attacks:

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