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Saturday, February 9, 2013

yes... shock and tears!

he sees a woman across the room, knows immediately that it is "she".
He drops the relationship he has, pursues her, feels wild excitement, passion, beating heart, obsession.
After a few months, everything collapses; she becomes an ordinary woman.
He is confused and puzzled.
Then he sees once more a radiant face across the room, and the old certainty comes again.
- Iron John

(retrieved from 'Wild at Heart' p.91)

Isn't this story a little too familiar? but i guess what do we expect when pornography is constantly offering men a new, exciting, different experience of 'woman' with just the click of a button... the only problem is, this experience of 'woman' is fake. It is developing the misconception that no matter who a man finds there will always be a more exciting, hot, version out there somewhere, so no need to really be a man and fight for the one beauty you have committed to, cause if you do that... "mate! you are missing out!... there are sooo many to choose from, why would you ever settle." Little do they realise each time they do this they are throwing away a piece of their soul they can't get back, and in the process they are stealing away a piece of that woman's passion, desire, and true beauty that she has to offer, throwing it on the ground and stomping all over it...

"this is a picture of a wounded, famished man. It is the paragon of selfishness. He offers nothing and takes everything". 
(John Eldredge, 'Wild at Heart' p.95 & 187) 

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